Jan 11, Tokyo

朝ご飯に昨日料理した黒豆を食べる。砂糖を少なめにしたので甘くないが、まあまあのでき。昨日教えてもらったヨガ(SURYA NAMASKAR)をして、学校へ。



We ate boiled beans cooked yesterday. It was not so sweet because I used less sugar. I like them. I did Yoga, surya namaskar, taught yesterday, then, went to school.

We folded the letters and put them in envelops. We concentrated on doing that, so it ended in less three hours. After that, I moved to Yagami, reply to emails, and had a meeting.

It was very cold outside on my way home from work. It seems that a cold wave hits Japan tomorrow.


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