Feb 10, Tokyo




I checked design of flyers at the West Annex building. I am not sure if I am tired. I do not have much concentration. When I was cleaning up after classes, the students asked me to go for lunch. I ate Tonkatsu with them. I am wondering it was the second time to have lunch at Hiyoshi. I walked to Yagami while talking with the student, # san. I read and reviewed a paper for about hour. I thought I could put my thoughts together. After that, I attended a formal review of PhD thesis by $ san. It was really precious time to hear an organized research.

I called my father on my way home, but he couldn’t answer the phone because of his driving. I called him again later. He gave my younger brother a ride to Fukuyama because my brother will participate an event which they will walk from Fukuyama to Joge for about 50 km over night. I was a member of Ishioka family, so most of them like waking a long distance.

I have had Tadaaki san’s hair cut after dinner. A hair clipper was easy to cut hair without fail. He laid a bed before 9 p.m. because of his drowsiness and coldness. I am worrying about his health condition because he has not been feeling well.


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